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Wireless Blood Glucose Monitors

1.7 million Australians have diabetes. 1,2 million know and 500,000 undiagnosed (type 2). Diabates is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia (Diabetes Australia)


Doctor trusted and TGA approved, the iHealth Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring system gives you accurate blood sugar readings anytime, anywhere from your smartphone or tablet. Throw away your log book!


This lightweight, portable glucometer works with the iGluco app to measure and record your readings automatically, and lets you share them with your doctor or family members right from your touchscreen. Document medication, exercise, and diet, and view trends over time for a more complete picture of your health.



BG5 Smart Gluco Monitoring System

View your glucose level directly on the display or on your mobile devices.

This monitor is ideal for when you're at work, school or don't have a smartphone available as th readings appear on the monitor.

When you're smartphone is nearby sync the data so all the readings are stored, tracked and can be shared.


“……I’ve been using the BG5 iHealth Glucometer for over a year now and find it easy to use and great to have digital records on my iPhone to share with my endocrinologist and other medical professionals.  I highly recommend this product to anyone." Frank T, BE BSC - Leura NSW

BG1 ALIGN Glucose Monitor

The world’s smallest, most portable mobile glucometer.

This monitor has a jack which goes into the headphone socket of a smartphone or tablet.

Even easier to use as there is no bluetooth.


"I love the machine. It inspires me to take my glucose levels as its so easy to use" Felicity, Bulleen VIC

EGS-2003 Blood Glucose Test Strips