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Remmie 3 is the Next Generation Intelligent Otoscope.

An ear infection shouldn't disrupt your life.

Remmie 3 is the next generation FDA- registered (and currently undergoing certification in Australia) otoscope, camera otoscope, ear otoscope. Designed for patients of all ages, from parents of young children with ear infections, adults with allergies and chronic ear and sinus conditions to older adults with hearing issues.

Paired with our telemedicine-enabling App, Remmie 3 provides real time video, AI guidance in image capture, image and video saving and monitoring for a telehealth visit with your healthcare professional.

Ideal for monitoring patients at home - remotely.

  • Remmie3 is simple to connect directly to home or local wifi.
  • Patient connects with the doctor on a virtual visit
  • Both doctor and patient can view symptoms on live video
  • Remmie3 provides live visualisation during a virtual visit