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Welcome to Propell

Propell® helps people better monitor their chronic disease and wellbeing though patient-focused connected monitoring devices and solutions

Global leading remote patient monitoring brands.

Local experience, expertise and passion provided by Propell

Propell is the Australian/New Zealand distributor of iHealth, Canopy, Wellysis, Remmie Health, OxiWear

iHealth: Modern Healthcare realised

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iHealth is the global leader in consumer-friendly, mobile health devices that enable individuals to take an active role in managing their personal health. iHealth was the first company in the world to produce an iOS connected blood pressure monitor.

iHealth devices help people better monitor their health at home. Many Australian hospitals and health organisations provide iHealth to their patients and monitor their vitals remotely. In doing-so improve digital literacy, empower patients to support their own health and hopefully avoid hospital.

Chronic heart failure: Wireless blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeter, scales
Respiratory: Wireless pulse oximeters
Hypertension: Wireless blood pressure monitors 
Diabetes: Wireless glucose monitors and test strips
Weight: Wireless scales 
Temperature: Wireless and non-wireless no-contact infrared thermometers

Canopy: hospital staff personal duress alarm

'Hospital workers attacked by patients or their families at least every hour' (Herald Sun 24/11/23)

How can we protect staff in hospital against violence?

Canopy Protect is a comprehensive, discreet duress alerting system health system use to prevent workplace violence.

It consists of a managed hardware, software and cloud-services that utilises indoor positioning and duress alerting services to:

  • Give healthcare workers a way to signal for help when patients begin to escalate
  • Help hospitals rapidly mobilise coworkers and central security to respond to incidents
  • Complement and provide analysis and insight for workplace violence and de-escalation initiatives

Remmie Health - wireless otoscope

An ear infection shouldn't disrupt your life.

The next generation intelligent otoscope + API + AI for ear, nose and throat care for accessible diagnosis and timely intervention. A connected ear, nose and throat monitor. Enables doctors to see ENT symptoms live streamed in addition to uploaded images during a virtual visit.

Patients use Remmie at home or in a remote clinic to see and record ENT symptoms. The Remmie app enables a link to be shared so clinicians can live stream or review uploads on telehealth or e-care visits.

Wellysis: Small, Simple, Smart ECG Patch

Powered by Samsung Bio-Processor, the Wellysis S-Patch ECG monitor offers cardiologists with fast, comprehensive and accurate diagnostic support.

No more cumbersome holter monitor leads. Make the patient experience easier and more comfortable.

Wellysis S Patch is a single lead ECG patch weighing only 9g making it easier for patients to continuously monitor for as long as needed. Wellysis is reusable and connected seamlessly via Bluetooth to a patient friendly app.

OxiWear - first ever ear-wearable for continuous SpO2 monitoring

OxiWear is the first ever ear-wearable device designed for at home users to monitor their oxygen levels and track their performance during physical activities. The device uses advances sensor technology to continuously measure oxygen saturation levels and heart rate in realtime, providing users with valuable insights into their oxygen saturation and performance.

OxiWear will provide additional vitals such as Heart Rate Variability, Heart Recovery Rate and VO2, as well as a companion app for data analysis and the ability to establish customisable alerts for oxygen levels and heart rate. These features assist users in tracking their progress, optimising their activities, and achieving their objectives.