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HealthBeats™ is a remote vitals monitoring solution between the healthcare institution and participants. It is designed to reduce preventable hospital admissions and enable people to have better control of their health conditions at home using TGA connected digital devices.The solution provides healthcare organisations the ability to monitor the condition of their patients and provide good quality care remotely.

For more information:

For Healthcare institutions, HealthBeats™ provides:

  • Efficient and effortless platform for constant monitoring and connectedness with your patients anytime and anywhere
  • Improved patient care outcomes, patient loyalty and engagement
  • Value-added patient services that can transform your business

For Patients, HealthBeats provides:

  • Better control of your health through constant monitoring of your vitals
  • Real-time connection with your healthcare providers for a more proactive management of your health
  • Active management and early detection of illness

Ideal for:

  1. Telehealth: Primary Health Networks (PHNs)
  2. Hospital re-admission control
  3. Hospital in the Home
  4. Aged care
  5. Corporate wellness
  6. Medical clinics

HealthBeats™ is a Subscription based SaaS model basis for simplicity, transparency and low cost.

Contact Craig Simmonds, CEO Propell on 0484 340 420 for a demonstration.

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