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iHealth Next

Connected iHealth devices are used most effectively if the data can be integrated and analysed by organisations such as aged care, hospitals and practitioners.


iHealth devices are ideal for telehealth remote monitoring programs.


The iHealth Next platform allows medical professionals to monitor a comprehensive set of vital paramaters. While patients take their measurements at home, clinicians are able to see it live on their dashboard. Experts and doctors can seamlessly collaborate on their platform and communicate with their patients.


Alternatively, iHealth can integrate data from its devices into other companies applications ensuring simplicity and low cost.



1. Reduce costs by saving time for nurses/carers not having to physical monitor 

2. Reduce human error risks by taking out writing down readings 

3. Empower the patient by enabling them to have control of their health

4. For medical practices - use as a patient retention strategy


Ideal for:

1. Aged Care

2. Hospitals

3. Corporate wellness

4. Medical clinics


Pricing on a Subscription As A Service basis making the offer highy attractive with low costs.


Contact Craig Simmonds, Managing Director Propell on 0484 340 420 for a demonstration.