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Blood Pressure Monitors

4.6 million Australians have elevated blood pressure


Take control of your health with easy, accurate BP readings anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. TGA approved (BP5, BP7s) and Doctor trusted, the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor gives you fast, reliable results you can count on.


Our award-winning design and cutting-edge technology let you view results, monitor trends, and share your data with your doctor or caregiver right from your touchscreen.


Every reading is stored on your secure iHealth account and charted with past readings to give you a clear overview of your blood pressure trends.


"Being a generally fit 50yo man, cycling 60 - 100km as well as running 3 times a week usually about 40km in total, I was very surprised when my GP flagged a tendency to hypertension in my blood pressure test during an annual check up. I’d not been doing anything that should elevate the pressure so he asked if I would mind coming in a few times a week for a test over the period of a month. Of course I would do this however inconvenient it would be, it’s my health! So, that night I thought perhaps I can save time and money by doing it myself! I bought the i_Health wrist monitor the next day, rang the GP and told him I’d be back in a month. Over the following period I recorded my data simply with the devise and ported the information to my cell phone. The GP was super impressed with the ease of use, detailed and accurate analysis gained and most importantly the diagnostic data he could view to make a full summary of what was going on with my blood pressure. Seems I’m OK actually, which is a relief. 
At the end of the day for me as a client, I saved a stack of money by investing in the wrist monitor, both in terms of time I would have been off work for attending the surgery as well as the ongoing fee I’d have to pay for the blood pressure tests. The surgery I attend is very busy as well and I’m certain the GP really didn’t want to see me several times a week when he could be attending others with immediate trouble and billing them accordingly.
I also understand my body a little better and that’s a great feeling of certainty for me. Ian H, Brisbane

BP5 FEEL Blood Pressure Monitor - Arm

The BP5 Blood Pressure Monitor Arm arm has no tubes for easier use.

An arrow shows which way to position the monitor on the arm.

BP7s VIEW Blood Pressure Monitor - Wrist

The BP7s Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist automatically detects and directs optimal arm position for precise results.

The readings also appear on the device so a smartphone isn't required. The readings can then be synced to a smartphone when ready.